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Practical Home Security Tips for your San Francisco Home

Using a smartphone to open an electronic lock

Home security should be an instinctive and automatic consideration for anyone who invests in real estate. This is especially true for the pricey, high-profile San Francisco market.

Fortunately, some of the most practical and effective home security solutions are also the simplest ones. Here’s a quick checklist you can use for keeping your San Francisco home safe and secure at all times:

  • Install smart home security devices

    A technologically progressive location like San Francisco offers endless reminders that today’s digitally and wirelessly connected world has plenty of practical advantages.

    Use smart home innovations to address your security needs. For example, Wi-Fi-connected security cameras help you keep an eye your home even when you’re away at work or on vacation. Smart door locks use PIN codes or mobile device access, allowing you to do away with clunky door keys that can be misplaced or stolen.

  • Upgrade your door and window locks

    A simple change in the locking mechanism for your main doors can work wonders for your home security. Switch to deadbolt locks which are sturdier and harder to compromise than old-fashioned spring-latch locks. In addition, install security bars on French or sliding double doors for an extra measure of protection.

    Updating the locks and panes on windows is another helpful security upgrade. Reinforced window panes made with multiple layers of glass or acrylic will prevent break-ins and call attention to anyone who attempts to do so.

  • Maintain your lawn and shrubbery

    More than just keeping your curb appeal looking great, mindful yard maintenance also deters burglary. By ensuring that there is limited space for house thieves to hide, you can prevent your home from becoming an easy target.

  • Use lights strategically

    Lights create an impression that someone’s at home and wide awake, even when you’re away on business or vacation. Using strategic lighting at home will make thieves think twice about breaking in.

    Installing external lights is an easy way to deter house thieves from making your house a prime target for a nighttime burglary. Just make sure that the electrical wires are not visible or accessible, such that persistent thieves can easily deactivate these lights.

    Indoors, you can take your lighting strategy a step further by installing light fixtures or lamps that automatically turn on or off – whether on a schedule or based on any detected movement.

  • Be mindful of mail when you go out of town

    Here’s a security tip that homeowners rarely realize. A packed mailbox is a telltale sign for burglars that a house is unoccupied.

    When you’re going out of town on an extended work or vacation trip, check if your mail service can stop deliveries while you’re away. Alternatively, you can ask a neighbor to clear your mailbox for you.

  • Get a dog

    Barring particular neighborhood association restrictions or personal pet allergies, keeping a dog is a worthwhile home security solution. A dog’s persistent barking can be enough to scare away a sneaky house thief. The last thing burglars want is attention, after all. Plus, when not in watchdog mode, your pet is sure to boost your home living experience.

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