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Not Your Typical San Francisco: The City by the Bay’s Most Distinctive Attractions

house with a view of the golden gate bridge

There’s no better way to discover a city’s true personality than by checking out its most offbeat attractions. Here are 6 of the most unique sights and experiences that San Francisco has to offer:

  1. Angel Island
  2. Alcatraz isn’t the only attention-worthy island in San Francisco Bay. Angel Island features a selection of historic military posts and plenty of attractions of its own. You can hike around the island to see the sights, or else hop in an open air tram. You can also rent a Segway and experience a guided tour on this self-balancing scooter.

  3. The Beach Chalet
  4. Looking for an alternative to historic Cliff House? The Beach Chalet on Ocean Beach will deliver that beachfront dining experience you’ve been looking for. The restaurant features a microbrewery, along with window seats perfect for watching the breaking surf. Chug down a limited-edition brew. Check out the selection of murals on the lower level for a trip across San Francisco history.

  5. The Camera Obscura and Holograph Gallery
  6. Located behind the famed Cliff House is a walk-in structure that looks like a giant camera. It is, in fact, a working camera obscura, an imaging technology that projects a unique take on San Francisco Bay views. Built in the 1940s, this attraction is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is also a
    museum for a small collection of holograms.

  7. The Crissy Field to Fort Point hike
  8. Hailed as San Francisco’s most scenic trail, this casual trek takes about 2.5 hours on foot, depending on your pace and how much you want to take in the stunning scenery. Go in the morning to see the Golden Gate Bridge
    bathed in sunlight, or visit in the afternoon to watch the sunset right behind it. The San Francisco skyline will welcome you on your way back.

  9. The Thinker
  10. You’ve seen it time and again: that unmistakable sculpture of a pensive man, hunched over in deep thought. But did you know that The Thinker is actually a San Francisco resident? One of its 28 full-sized bronze castings, that is. Visit the Legion of Honor Museum courtyard to see this Auguste Rodin sculpture
    up close.

  11. The Wave Organ
  12. You’ve marveled at the San Francisco Bay’s captivating views, but have you listened to its songs? The wave organ was designed by artist Peter Richards and built in 1986 in collaboration with sculptor and stone mason George
    Gonzalez. The acoustic sculpture located near the Marina district plays a unique opus each time the bay’s waves crash onto it. The installation uses 25 organ pipes made of PVC and concrete, along with materials salvaged from a
    demolished cemetery. Make the most of your Wave Organ visit by checking for the next high tide.

The San Francisco Bay Area offers much more than these unforgettable attractions. You can also find a great home here, especially with Bernie and Mike Homes by your side. Call 415.906.6000 or 415.308.4281 for inquiries today.