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Mission Dolores, San Francisco

Mission Dolores has the distinction of being San Francisco’s birthplace and oldest neighborhood. It is the site of the oldest building in the city – the Mission Dolores settlement, built in 1776, after which the neighborhood was named.

Bounded by Market Street to the north, 20th Street to the south, Valencia Street to the east, and Church Street to the west, Mission Dolores offers great access to other neighborhoods in the area and the many attractions the city has to offer.

Living in Mission Dolores

Mission Dolores today is a thriving community with a highly diverse population and lifestyle. Its central location, vitality, and employment and business opportunities have made it the home of choice for everyone from multi-generational families to young entrepreneurs.

Mission Dolores is a popular dining, shopping, and nightlife destination, with several retail and restaurant strips like Valencia Street and 18th Street.

People also flock to nearby Dolores Park to picnic, sunbathe, play sports, or simply to relish iconic city views that can only be enjoyed from the park.

The neighborhood offers great access to freeways and to public transportation, with two BART stations and numerous city buses and tech shuttles plying the area. It is also a highly walkable and bikable community, and was rated the 12th most walkable in San Francisco by

As with other communities in the central San Francisco area, Mission Dolores is shielded from the strong winds and fog typical in other parts of the city, giving it pleasant and sunny weather all year round.

With all these things going for it, Mission Dolores is considered the classic big city neighborhood – one you’d never want to leave once you become a resident.

Mission Dolores Real Estate and Mission Dolores Homes for Sale

The neighborhood’s housing stock is just as diverse as the community itself. You will find plenty of vintage Victorian-era homes, plus contemporary single-families, condos and multi-family buildings. Some of these homes are located on bustling major thoroughfares, but many can be found on the more tranquil side streets.

A good number of the neighborhood’s Victorian and Edwardian homes have been converted into condos and apartments, updated with the latest fixtures, appointments, and finishes. Others remain single-family homes that have been upgraded and excellently maintained over the years, commanding some of the highest prices in the area.

The neighborhood is also rife with newly constructed condominium and apartment buildings boasting spacious living areas and modern features like open floor plans, the latest fixtures and appliances, gourmet kitchens and more.

Attractions and amenities

  • Valencia Street is known for its hipster vibe, with its colorful street art and eclectic array of boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops. It’s a foodie destination, offering a wide range of cuisines, including Ethiopian, Indian, South American, French, and many more. It is also home to numerous music shops, clothing stores, and boutiques selling gifts and home décors.
  • 18th Street is where you will find some of the city’s not to be missed restaurants like Delfina, Tartine Bakery and Café, and Chez Maman. The San Francisco staple, BiRite, a grocery and creamery, is also found here.
  • Mission Dolores offers plenty of nightlife options, including Beauty Bar, Elbo Room, Make-Out Room, and The Marsh.
  • For history and culture buffs, the Mission Dolores settlement is a must-visit. You can’t miss San Francisco’s oldest cemetery and gardens adjacent to the Old Mission, as well as the Basilica, which still holds mass services to this day.
  • San Francisco’s oldest theater, The Roxie Theater, is found on 16th Street. Built in 1909, it is now a community-run non-profit that screens top documentaries and an edgy selection of old and new films.