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The Minimalist Condo: Making the Most Out of Limited Space

Small studio in flat

Condo living and minimalism often go hand in hand. A minimalist mindset is an effective way to make the most out of a relatively limited living space. It can combine the best of both functionality and comfort while still being stylistically satisfying.

Still searching for a place to stay in San Francisco or simply new to condo living? Looking for fresh ways to redesign a condo that’s starting to feel cramped over the years? Try these practical ideas for smart, minimalist condo living:

  • Go monochromatic

    You can’t go wrong with a neutral, monochromatic color scheme. It’s simple, classy, and harmonizing. Bright or loud colors can feel distracting and at times even suffocating in small living spaces.

    The simple elegance of monochrome is great when you need to focus on getting things done, as well as when you want a laid-back environment for enjoying some much-deserved downtime.

    If this all feels a bit too monotonous or clinical for your tastes, you can add more personality to your condo with grey and concrete tones. Throwing in some texture in your upholstery, carpets, and table décor can help you liven things up while still staying in theme.

  • Add wood décor and highlights

    Incorporating wood furnishings is another effective way to complement a monochromatic color scheme. Noted for its craftsman-like appeal, wood has the timeless elegance to complement a modern living space done in all white or neutrals.

    Consider wood flooring, cabinet doors, elevated shelves, or varnished dining sets or coffee tables. If you prefer more lightweight table-and-chair sets so it’s easier to move things around, use wood as complementary table décor instead. Wooden trays or coasters look great on solid finishes.

  • Keep spaces open and flowing

    When living in a condo, the key is to design it in such a way that you don’t notice its physical limitations. Simple ways to do this include keeping your floors clutter-free, opting for glass or sliding doors, and keeping impractical, unnecessary decorations to a minimum.

    If you have large windows, keep them unobstructed so that ambient natural light can shine in. Brightness does wonders in making spaces appear larger than they are, not to mention make them feel more pleasant.

    Does your condo have a large, empty wall or a tall cabinet door? Consider installing a large floor-to-ceiling mirror. This simple visual illusion can also give you a satisfying sense of living in a larger space.

  • Invest in compact, functional, and multi-purpose furniture and fixtures

    There are plenty of furniture and interior design options out there designed for the efficient, space-saving, modern condo lifestyle. You can have cupboards, cabinets, and closets slide flush into your walls when they are not being used. Some kitchen appliances are designed to do the same.

    If your condo was built a few years before these building innovations became widely practiced, opt for sleek furniture with compact profiles. Also, you can still add multi-purpose furniture like couches and ottomans designed with hollow spaces to double as containers.

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