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Why you should hold an open house

When selling a home, there are various ways to provide buyers with access to the property. One of them is to hold an open house, which allows potential buyers to visit the home physically.

An open house can be a highly effective part of your home selling strategy. Here are a several advantages you can get when you include an open house to your plan:

It attracts more serious buyers

Holding an open house attracts various buyers in more ways than one. By having visitors seeing the house as-is, you’re making it easier for them to make a decision that’s based purely on facts. Used in combination with online marketing, you’re increasing your chances of attracting serious buyers who are likely to make an offer on your home.

In addition, repeat visits also allow you to get to know more about serious buyers. A second visit is an indication that they saw something in your home, and would like a closer look before placing an offer. This allows you to focus on potential buyers and push the right buttons to convince them to buy the house.

It gives you the opportunity to prepare your home for a sale

Planning an open house gives you an opportunity to stage your home, which paves the way for a top-dollar sale. One of the best ways to approach this is to ask a seasoned realtor to assist you in identifying areas you can improve in order to attract potential buyers.

When putting a home on the market, a seller will usually need to stage it for an extended period of time, since buyers can request to visit it at any time. With an open house, you only need to prepare the home once, and that’s it.

More exposure

There are many buyers who want to get a first-hand look at a home in order for them to make the best, most informed decision before they make an offer. An open house gives them a chance to actually walk through the home and enter its living spaces, see the home’s actual features up close, and get a sneak peek of the type of lifestyle they can enjoy if they decide to buy the home.

Weekends are a great time to hold an open house, as it makes it more convenient for buyers to tour your home. Most buyers from out of town typically schedule their house-hunting trips on weekends, and local buyers may find it difficult to take off from their jobs during the week. An open house during the weekend makes it easier for both groups to get a tour of your home.

A packed open house can make your home more enticing

An open house attended by numerous visitors can help dispel buyers’ fears and encourage them to act swiftly. One way to get more visitors is to invite acquaintances, neighbors and casual lookers inside, even if they have no intention of buying. This is also a great way to market your home, as anyone who drops by could tell other people about your listing.