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Dolores Heights, San Francisco

Dolores Heights is an affluent San Francisco neighborhood, a part of which is considered a sub-neighborhood of Eureka Valley. Despite its close association with Eureka Valley, this hilly community has distinct geographic borders and characteristics that define its unique personality.

Dolores Heights is bounded by the Castro to the north, Noe Valley to the south, Dolores Park and Church Street to the east, and Upper Market to the west.

Living in Dolores Heights

Named after the hill found within the neighborhood, Dolores Heights is a picturesque community made up of cul-de-sacs connected by stairs. The hilly terrain has made the neighborhood an ideal place for boot camp workouts.

Its elevated location gives the neighborhood stunning views of the city below and of the surrounding hillside. Along with this, residents also enjoy relatively warm and sunny weather all year round, with the Twin Peaks blocking the cold winds and fog that envelope much of San Francisco.

Dolores Heights encompasses Liberty Hill, a historic district considered one of San Francisco’s earliest suburbs. The district was spared from the San Francisco fire of 1906, leaving the original homes built here largely intact. It now serves as a wonderful showcase of the iconic architectural styles prevailing in the city from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Dolores Heights Real Estate and Dolores Heights Homes for Sale

The housing stock in Dolores Heights is a mix of single-family homes, apartments and condominium buildings. They come in a wide range of architectural styles, including the classic Victorian and turn-of-the-century designs that San Francisco is famous for. There are also a number of mid-century bungalows and one-of-a-kind custom-built contemporary homes.

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, the residents of Dolores Heightstook initiatives to preserve and enhance the neighborhood’s distinct character and formed the Dolores Heights Improvement Club, a volunteer neighborhood association that vets building and improvement plans.

As a result of the initiative, the Dolores Heights Special Use District was formed. This is a designated area encompassing several blocks within the 19th Street and 22nd Street north-south borders, and the Noe Street and Church Street east-west borders. Homes and buildings within the Special Use District have to be constructed following guidelines on yard depth, height, and other standards.

All the preservation efforts over the years has resulted in homes designed to incorporate the area’s sloping terrain, giving them unique character and charm.

The neighborhood is also lovingly “gardenized” by residents, who have planted all kinds of trees and plants in pocket community gardens, resulting in a refreshingly lush landscape.

Attractions and amenities

  • Dolores Heights’ numerous stairs connecting neighborhood blocks to each other and to main thoroughfares are attractions in themselves. They make walking around the neighborhood an enjoyable exercise.
  • Dolores Heights’ proximity to the Castro gives residents easy access to the exciting restaurants, clubs, shops and entertainment venues in the popular district.
  • Dolores Park is a favorite neighborhood haunt. With an area of 15.94 acres, it features tennis courts, a basketball court, soccer fields, a playground, and a clubhouse.
  • Noe Hill Market on 19th Street provides residents with their everyday needs, as well as unique finds and specialty foods.