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Your Dog Will Absolutely Love Playing in these San Francisco Parks

Small dog playing with disk

One of the most appealing reasons to live in San Francisco is its dog-friendly reputation. An impressive selection of parks like these ones listed as the best among the rest and playgrounds dot the city, keeping you and your pet spoiled for choice.

If your dogs could talk, these are the San Francisco dog parks they would be raving about non-stop:

  • “I wanna see the city – all of it!”

    Corona Heights Park (32 Museum Way) rewards you and your pet with astonishing 360-degree views of the City by the Bay after an uphill climb. Just remember to follow the rules and keep your pup on a leash, at least until you get to the fenced play area.

  • “I’d like to make new friends please.”

    As the city’s biggest and best-known park, Golden Gate Park (38th and Fulton Street) offers plenty of opportunities to satisfy your pet’s urge to socialize. Head over to the fenced Dog Training Area and let your pup run and play around to its heart’s content:

  • “I mean, it already has the word ‘fun’ in its name…”

    Fort Funston Park, accessible via Skyline Boulevard, is practically paradise for your furry, four-legged best friend. You’ll both marvel at the gorgeous beachfront, exhilarating trails, and even a hang glider or two zipping overhead every now and then. Feel free to let your pet roam free around this area, but watch out for horseback riders.

  • “Go enjoy your art while I run around on a piece of history.”

    Located in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood, Duboce Dog Park (along Duboce Avenue) is one of the oldest dog parks in San Francisco. Rarely crowded and perfect for off-leash play, this park guarantees a field day for your pet. Colorful mosaic art pieces are spread across the park, adding a pleasant aesthetic highlight for you to enjoy.

  • “I don’t care if that dog’s bigger than me!”

    If you have an adorable little toy dog that tends to get into trouble with bigger dogs, Rincon Hill Dog Park at 486 Beale Street offers the ideal playground. The park features two large, separate, gated play areas that keep small and big dogs in their distinct play spaces.

  • “I want to run around! Although I do hate it when my paws get muddy…”

    Sometimes it just can’t be helped. Your pup wants to head out after a rainy day. Head to Addison and Farnum for the Walter Haas Park and Playground. Its enclosed, double-gated entrance features a crushed stone surface that’s comfortable for your pet’s paws while also keeping them mud-free.

  • “Let’s go on a picnic!”

    A favorite among dog-owners in San Francisco, St. Mary’s Dog Play Area along 95 Justin Drive in the Bernal Heights neighborhood has an expansive, fenced area where pets can play freely. With plenty of shade thanks to mature foliage all around, it’s a great place to hang out and have a picnic.

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