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The Best Staging Practices that will Sell Your San Francisco Home

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Careful staging aims to impress home buyers.

  • Boost your curb appeal
    A strong first impression goes a long way. With a spruced-up front yard and entryway, a clean or newly repaired roof, spotless windows, and some cleverly positioned lighting for evening viewings, you can set the tone for a pleasant home tour.
  • Clean smart
    The idea of cleaning the entire house may seem overwhelming, but with these smart cleaning strategies, you’ll be done in no time:

    • Clean as if you’re reading a book
      You know how we read books from left to right, top to bottom? That’s how our brains our wired. Do the same when cleaning a room so it feels more intuitive and less stressful.
    • Prioritize attention-drawing surfaces
      Buyers easily notice dirt and stains on floors and countertops, so place these high on your cleaning order.
    • Show your kitchen and bathrooms some extra love
      Kitchens and bathrooms are deal breakers when it comes to home buyers. Make sure they’re spotless. Get necessary repairs done. Remove personal products from bathrooms, and declutter kitchen counters by hiding small appliances like toasters, juicers, and coffeemakers. Spruce up these spaces with fresh flowers loosely arranged.
  • Clear your storage spaces
    While decluttering your living spaces should be a given in your preparations, you should also clear out cupboards, closets, and other storage areas in time for a viewing. This will allow buyers to see how much storage space they can work with when they own the home.
  • Depersonalize
    Make it easy for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Remove family photos and personal mementoes from areas in the home open for viewing.
  • Brighten things up
    From pulling the curtains open to adding lamps to dim corners, light will instantly boost your living spaces. A well-lit home makes spaces seem larger and more cheerful.
  • Make the home flow
    Give visiting buyers a comfortable time exploring the house. Move furniture away from doors and hallways, and in spaces where guests are likely to walk through or linger.
  • Showcase the best features of the home
    Whether it’s a spacious patio, a home theater, or a spa-like bathroom, the best features of your home should take center stage. Keep these spaces spotless and work to make them look inviting. If you can, set a consistent theme across the house to illustrate a complete lifestyle, instead of separate experiences.
  • Think like a buyer
    As you go through all these steps and strategies, remember what it was like when you were shopping for your own house. What did you find impressive in the homes you visited? What turned you off? With this mindset, you’ll be better able to turn your home into an attractive package for home buyers.

Staging is just one effective strategy to score a great deal for your home. For more expert advice and reliable selling services, trust Bernie and Mike Homes to get the job done. Inquire today by calling 415.906.6000 or 415.308.4281.