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Best Off-leash Dog Areas

Best Leash Area

An off-leash dog is a happy dog, and San Francisco offers a wide array of dog parks for you and your four-legged friend. Here are some of them:

  1. Duboce Park

    Take your dog to this small but well-maintained park. Play fetch, go pet-watching, and meet other dog enthusiasts. It’s much quieter and less crowded than Dolores Park, so you and your canine companion will have more space to roam. You’ll also get treated to sweeping views of Lower Haight, which is lined with stately Victorians and lovely corner stores.

  2. Corona Heights Park

    Located just a little over a mile from Twin Peaks, this park has an enclosed area where your pooch can run free. What’s more, the park offers panoramic views of the city. Get a good look at the SF skyline and the rolling hills of Noe and Eureka Valley. It’s worth the trek, but make sure to bring a jacket – it gets chilly on certain days.

  3. Rincon Hill Dog Park

    The park features an enclosed area where your dog can roam off-leash. No need to worry about Fido getting lost or escaping – Rincon Hill is secure, and other dogs are supervised by their owners at all times. It’s a wonderful place to spend a quiet afternoon. Go for a walk, play catch, and meet other animal lovers.

  4. Mission Creek Dog Park

    This double-gated dog park is secure enough for your pup to run around without a leash. There’s a small water fountain that your dog can drink from, as well as an artificial turf and gravel area where you can play fetch. There are no separate enclosures for small and large breeds, so make sure your pet knows how to play nice.

  5. Mary’s Dog Play Area

    St. Mary’s fenced dog park features large, grassy areas where your dog can roam comfortably. Located in Bernal Heights, this play area has a reputation among dog owners as among the best off-leash parks in SF. This recreational complex also features a children’s playground, a gym, and clean sitting areas.

  6. Stern Grove Dog Park

    This scenic park is loved for its eucalyptus trees and the exquisite pergola where you can sit and watch dogs playing. It also features a vast open field where dogs can run and play to their heart’s content. There’s ample parking space, along with water stations where you can rehydrate.

  7. Pine Lake Park

    One of SF’s best-kept secrets, this park is populated by willows and Tules. But its crowning jewel is Lake Merced, a glistening body of water that will take your breath away. It’s quiet and fairly empty, which means you and your pooch will have the place to yourselves at any given day. A flat trail winds through the park, so go for a relaxing stroll and let your dog explore.

  8. Upper Douglass Dog Park

    Located in Noe Valley, this fenced off-leash dog park boasts vast grassy areas where your pup can play. It also features a hiking trail that you can explore with your dog. Friday afternoon tends to be the busiest time of the week, so feel free to drop by if you want your pets to play with other dogs.

Being an SF resident gives you access to all these amazing dog parks. If you want to live here, call Bernie and Mike Homes at 415.906.6000.