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Best realtors we’ve ever worked with…hands down.

During the buying process they were extremely helpful. We were new to San Francisco so didn’t know the market at all. They gave us a good overview and asked lots of questions to determine what we liked, then showed us properties which met or nearly met it in order to really refine. This was very helpful because sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, so by asking great questions, then showing us different options that we might never have thought of, it made the whole process more comprehensive without being overly long or frustrating (we’ve all worked with realtors who show us everything!) Once we had settled on what we wanted, we were only shown properties which met them.

During the selling process, we had to relocate across the country quickly, so most things had to be done remotely and with the added complication of working with a relocation company for the sale. Bernie and Mike leveraged their combined experience and expertise to advice us on the best way to prepare for the sale of our home and helped us throughout the entire process. On our behalf, they took care of things that needed to be done in person; they worked directly with our condo association and outside vendors and kept us up-to-date on the progress. As a result, we sold our home quickly, with minimal stress, and for a great price to a couple whom we feel deserves the home we have loved over the years.

Rachel and Andrew